An innovative composite technology

Our Company

Graphinus Fabrics Inc offers products of Graphene Yarn, Graphene Textiles(Gre-Tex), and clothing manufacturing services from South Korea, Vietnam, and in the USA.

Our one system company can produce 850 tons of Yarn and 500000 yards of graphene fabrics in a month including dyeing since April 2021 from South Korea.


Nano material extracted from graphite

Graphene is a single layer of graphite, which is a structure of hexagonal honeycom carbons stacked in layers. Graphene has excellent physical and chemical stability.

Our company does not use chemical treatments in our graphene composite process. The fabrics maintain their function throughout the entire life cycle of the yarn and are rarely affected by washing.

ECO-friendly 🌳

Our products are made with recycled materials and a low material consumption to ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

Benefits of Graphene

Our products contain graphene IN the fiber, not ON the fiber like other companies do. This means that our thread is white, not just black, leaving capability to dye the thread in any color.

UV Protection

Far Infrared

Sweat Absorption & Odor Control

Excellent Thermal Capability & Air Permeability


Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal